Friday, March 4, 2011

Hitting my stride . . .

Not! There are days when I simply don't hit my stride. Today was one. I'm training for a half marathon on March 20. We had a day off of school so I used it to go for a ten mile run. I felt terrible the entire time. I never hit my stride the entire one and a half hours of running. I've noticed other days are similar. I wake up sluggishly. Coffee is no help whatsoever and I can't shake the sleep from the night before. I feel grouchy,unapproachable and irritable all day. I never hit my stride on a day like that. The only remedy is another night's sleep and a new day. Every day is a chance to hit my stride.


Magical Ms. M said...

I enjoyed the honesty of this piece. I think the short sentences really bring out the grouchy feeling, like you can only speak in staccato sentences - can't be bothered to do more.

I know the feeling.
Have a good night's sleep.

Ruth said...

Oh, have I been there! Your piece hits that terse feeling that lives with you on days like this. You really captured it well.

Elisa Waingort said...

Oh, I like that phrase: "every day is a chance to hit my stride". That is what I tell my students, too: tomorrow is another day to get it the way you want it. We always get another chance. It's only when we quit that we don't get another chance.

I might just still this metaphor and use it with my kids, if you don't mind!

Juliann said...

That was how I felt the other day - but it was a meeting day so no getting away from it all. Usually running helps but some days it feels like I am running through thick soup. I hear sunshine is coming for the weekend!